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Dr. CP Das Team are best at the following procedures, though we too have highly skilled surgeons associated with us to treat orthopaedic patients requiring of services beyond these speciality mentioned below such as, Paediatric Orthopaedics, Limb reconstruction surgeries, Spinal Surgeries, Sports Injuries and Tumour Surgeries.


  1. Total Hip Replacement Surgery.
  2. Total Knee Replacement Surgery.
  3. Computer Guided Total Hip Replacement Surgery.
  4. Computer Guided Total Knee Replacement Surgery.
  5. Total Hip Replacement Surgery without cutting any muscles ( Total Hip Replacement Surgery through Direct Anterior Approach)
  6. Surgery of Pelvis and Acetabulum.
  7. Complex fractures surgery. 

In AO Asia Pacific Meet 2016

His (Dr C.P Das) Teacher and Mentor
With Dr.  Joel Matta

For Letournel's Pelvis Acetabular Meet.

ICJR Meet for Direct Anterior Approach in Total Hip Replacement Surgery

The smooth surface of the artificial implants just like normal knee, can allow for easy, painless movement.

Navigation (Orthopilot) uses infrared camera, computer with sophisticated software to provide the real time, patient specific information during surgery while virtually eliminating expensive and radiation intensive CT & MRI scans before the surgery.

Proven in U.S.A., Europe and Asia-Pacific for more than 100,000 knee implementations, Navigation (Orthopilot) enables the surgeon to consistently achieve results those are far more accurate that via conventional methods.

How does Navigation (Orthopilot) work

At the beginning of the operation surgeon strategically positions small transmitters on the patient’s leg. The surgeon then guides the leg through a series of prescribed movements which, in turn, are recorded by navigation’s infrared camera and transmitted to computer.

The Computer analysis those positions to create an anatomic “drawing” of the knee and updates this information throughout the procedure, displaying for the surgeon all relevant axes, angles distances. Analyzing and providing this constant data, navigation (Orthopilot) helps to guide the surgeon through bone cuts, implant positioning, soft tissue ligament balancing, and more, depending upon the operation. As our mission of continues improvement in surgical skills with all possible latest technology, we strive to make people to live normal life.

The Implants

The various parts of the implants are similar to your own knee. The tibia component sits on the top, and covers the tibia and similarly femoral component covers femur & patella component covers knee cap. The smooth surfaces of these components work together, as they glide and rotate and give pain free movements.