About Dr C.P Das

Dr. Chitta Prasad Das, Consultant Joint Replacement Surgeon, West End Hospital, Cuttack, graduated with MBBS degree from SCB Medical College, Cuttack in the year 1981.


In 1982, he joined his post graduated training in Orthopedics at the renowned medical college of India at CMC Hospital, Vellore leading to the award of Diploma in Orthopedics in 1984. Subsequently Dr. Das obtained Masters Degree in Orthopedics in 1989. Subsequently, Dr Das worked in India and abroad under excellent teachers and highly reputed surgeons for more than 10 years before setting down to his practice in Odisha in 1999.

Dr C.P Das Best Knee & Hip Replacement Surgeon IndiaIn India , he worked in reputed hospitals at CMC Hospital, Vellore & MIOT, Chennai. In 1992 he get first exposure to the excellent and innovative European Joint replacement surgery at Stuttgart, Germany. In 1994 he had gone to Geneva, Switzerland to excel further training. Thereafter , he spent 4 years of his career in achieving refinement in joint replacement surgery in England with master surgeons of the world’s famous centers at East Anglia and Manchester from 1995 to 1999. Upon his completion of training He returned to Orissa, India and started performing joint Replacement surgery of very high order in hospitals of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar in the January 2000.

With the success he achieved , he was encouraged to establish the most sophisticated unit for Joint replacement surgery in Orissa at “West End Hospital: in Cuttack in the year 2003. Since then, this hospital has performed more than 1850+ joint Replacement surgeries for hips, knees and even in shoulder joints.

West End Hospital, was setup to provide most  un-compromised World Class prescribed protocol for joint replacement surgery, which has produced excellent result and tremendous response from the arthritis patients not only from Orissa, but through out India.

Because of high operating standards practiced at West end Hospital, this hospital could host visitors from reputed centers from Europe and America, who all came down to operate in different facilities in the operation theater. They even express their wishes to come back here once again to do more surgeries.

West End Hospital is now known in most Reputed places in India for the good work done here and the work from this place has received appreciation in reputed Places in Europe, America and China as Well. 

Further Dr. Das after receiving his training in “Computer Navigation Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery” from Australia and then from Germany, has upgraded West End Hospital to even “ Centre For Computer Guided (Navigated) Joint Replacement Surgery” in the Year 2010.

Due to Better, Precise Results from this Advanced Computer Guided (Navigated) Joint Replacement Surgery, patients get quick and long term relief, that can be seen from 100’s of testimonials.

As there is always to more to Learn and Excell , Dr Das takes refresher Courses almost every year from the Best centers of Excellence around the World, Specially he Traveled extensively to Far East